Husqvarna K760 Oil Guard Cut Off Saw

Husqvarna K760 Oil Guard Cut Off Saw

Product Code: 15/0225-h

The K760 Cut Off Saw with Oil Guard protects the engine against incorrect use, which means in practical terms that it virtually eliminates the number of breakdowns on site. There is an LED light within the engine that detects either an incorrect fuel mix or no oil in the fuel, both are factors which have traditionally caused irreparable damage to pistons and cylinders. If the wrong type of fuel is detected the engine will idle, which means that no engine damage is caused. As soon as the machine is emptied and refilled with the correct fuel mix, it will operate again as normal. The reliability of this innovative new machine with the Oil Guard system will allow you to be more productive on site thanks to fewer breakdowns - saving you both time and money

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Weight 9.6kg
Model K760 Oil Guard
Decibel Reading dB[A] 115
Cutting Depth 100mm
Power Input 74cc (3.7Kw)
Fuel Tank Capacity 1ltr
Blade Diameter 300mm
Vibration Reading m\s2 Front handle - 1.9, Rear handle - 2.6
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