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Bring on the summer

Terms and Conditions:

1.    This promotion is valid in respect of hires entered into on or before the 31st August 2016. Selected items only.

2.    This promotion is valid in respect of the purchase of Diamond Blades and Abrasive Discs entered into on or before the 30th July 2016. Selected items only.

2.    The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and is subject to availability.

3.    The offer rate is not subject to any further discount. Hire rates are exclusive of VAT.

4.    Offer available within the UK only, excludes the Republic of Ireland.

5.    The offer rate is for a weekly hire period, the full rate will be charged even if the hired item is returned earlier than the agreed period.

6.    All images are for illustration purposes only.

7.    Speedy 2016 list rates for the campaign products: 20/0031 £28 per week, 20/0032 £121 per week, 20/0034 £168 per week, 20/0020 £48 per week, 20/0038 £41 per week, 20/0039 £70 per week, 20/0029 £85 per week, 77/5278 £55 per week, 77/5279 £120 per week, 77/5280 £95 per week, 77/5286 £60 per week, 77/5287 £120 per week, 77/5288 £175 per week, 26/3005 £25 per week, 26/0010 £20 per week, 26/2981 £23 per week, 26/2982 £45 per week, 09/1735 £18 per week

8.    By taking part in the promotion you have acknowledged and agreed to Speedy’s standard terms and conditions.