Heavy Duty Road Plate - Anti-skid

Heavy Duty Road Plate - Anti-skid

Product Code: 01/0082-h

Road plates may be required to bridge excavations in order to open the carriageway to traffic, e.g. during traffic sensitive periods, at night or at weekends. The sides of the excavations must be suitably supported beneath the road plates, and they must be rigidly secured to the road surface - either sunk into the surface or suitable bitumastic material used to provide a ramp to the plate level. Road plates are an essential item for a safe site.

Weight 500kg
Width 1.2m
Thickness 19mm
Length 2.4m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Width Thickness Length Price
Standard Road Plate 500kg 1.2m 19mm 2.4m

Heavy Duty Road Plate - Anti-skid 500kg 1.2m 19mm 2.4m

£25.00 / week

Central Lifting Road Plate 506kg (with lifting device) 1.2m 19mm 2.4m

Lifting Device N/A N/A N/A N/A

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