Universal Road Separator 2M Red

Universal Road Separator 2M Red

Product Code: 01/0600-h

The Universal Road traffic separator range is designed for situations when storage is at a premium. This water fill unit is a must for all contractors. Available in 1m and 2m lengths, the Universal range stacks to minimise transport and storage costs. Made from UV stabilised LLDPE.

Weight 25kg
Height 0.8m
Width 520mm
Length 2m
Weight full 186kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Length Weight full Price
Universal Road Separator 1M Red 8.5kg 0.6m 400mm 1m 45kg

Universal Road Separator 2M Red 25kg 0.8m 520mm 2m 186kg

Universal Barrier Mesh 5.7kg 0.6m N/A 1m N/A

2m Universal Barrier Mesh 12.5kg 1.4m N/A 2m N/A

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