400amp Arcgen Weld Set Off Shore Spec

400amp Arcgen Weld Set Off Shore Spec

Product Code: 04/0143-h

Compact and lightweight, the Weldmaker sets the industry stranadrd for reliability and is one of the most robust and economical welder generators.

Amp Output 400a
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 69
Duty Cycle @ 60% 350a
Engine Kubota D1105-E (ES)
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 34ltr
Height 1m
Length 1.6m
Max electrode size 8mm
Maximum Rod Size 6mm
Power Output 110V 6kVA
Power Output 240V 8kVA
Power Output 415V 12kVA
Running Time 12.5hrs @ 75% load
Weight 565kg
Welding Output Dc Range Amps 300a
Width 840mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Amp Output Auxillary Power Options Simultaneous with Welding 110 volt Decibel Reading: dB[A] Duty Cycle @ 60% Engine Fuel Tank Capacity Height Length Max electrode size Maximum Rod Size MMA onboard facility complete. With add ons Carbon ArcAir gouging\TIG\MIG capability with unit ad Overall Length Power Output 110V Product Model Running Time Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] Weight Welding Output Dc Range Amps Width Fuel Power Output 240V Power Output 415V Price
500a Arcgen Weld Offshore Spec 500a 3kw 110v AC 68 460a Kubota D1703 45ltr 900mm 1.42m 10mm 8mm Yes 1.42m 3kw 50hz WM500SSD 12hrs 95lwa 68 db(A) at 7m 505kg low - 40 to 300a; high - 250 to 500a 800mm N/A N/A N/A

400amp Arcgen Weld Set Off Shore Spec 400a N/A 69 350a Kubota D1105-E (ES) 34ltr 1m 1.6m 8mm 6mm N/A N/A 6kVA N/A 12.5hrs @ 75% load N/A 565kg 300a 840mm Diesel 8kVA 12kVA

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