Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 3ltr

Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 3ltr

Product Code: 07/0107-h

The ‘WaterMist’ is the only type of extinguisher in the world to extinguish all classes of fire using only water and no additives, ensuring a truly environmentally friendly solution. By applying low pressure fine water droplets, known as ‘WaterMist’, over around and into the flame, the ‘WaterMist’ technology suffocates the fire. As the mist converts to steam, it removes the oxygen reducing the temperature of the source of fire, therefore eliminating the flammable gases.


Features and Benefits
  • Eradicates all types of fires, eliminating the need for multiple extinguishers
  • Uses just water, ensuring a safer and environmentally friendly end product
  • Light weight and ready to use

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Capacity 7.7ltr
Diameter 163mm
Discharge 21 sec
Fire Rating 13A/34B/40F
Height 534mm
Operating Temperature +5degC + 60degC
Product Model 2L
Range 4.5m+
Stored Pressure
Total System Weight
Weight empty 3.8kg
Weight full 6.8kg
Working Pressure: Ba 12bar
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Diameter Discharge Fire Rating Height Operating Temperature Product Model Range Stored Pressure Total System Weight Weight empty Weight full Working Pressure: Ba Price
Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 3ltr 7.7ltr 163mm 21 sec 13A/34B/40F 534mm +5degC + 60degC 2L 4.5m+ 3.8kg 6.8kg 12bar

Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 6ltr 11.1ltr 183mm 23 sec 21A/21B/75F 586mm +5degC + 60degC 6L 4.5m+ 15bar 10.7kg empty & 22.7kg filled 4.5kg 10.5kg 12bar

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