Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 6ltr

Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 6ltr

Product Code: 07/0108-h

The WaterMist is the only type of extinguisher in the world to extinguish all classes of fi re using only water and no additives, ensuring a truly environmentally friendly solution.


Capacity 11.1ltr
Diameter 183mm
Discharge 23 sec
Fire Rating 21A/21B/75F
Height 586mm
Operating Temperature +5degC + 60degC
Product Model 6L
Range 4.5m+
Stored Pressure 15bar
Total System Weight 10.7kg empty & 22.7kg filled
Weight empty 4.5kg
Weight full 10.5kg
Working Pressure: Ba 12bar
Product Comparison
Product Name Capacity Diameter Discharge Fire Rating Height Operating Temperature Product Model Range Stored Pressure Total System Weight Weight empty Weight full Working Pressure: Ba Price
Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 3ltr 7.7ltr 163mm 21 sec 13A/34B/40F 534mm +5degC + 60degC 2L 4.5m+ 3.8kg 6.8kg 12bar

Firebug WaterMist Extinguisher 6ltr 11.1ltr 183mm 23 sec 21A/21B/75F 586mm +5degC + 60degC 6L 4.5m+ 15bar 10.7kg empty & 22.7kg filled 4.5kg 10.5kg 12bar

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