Drain Stopper 600mm (24in)

Drain Stopper 600mm (24in)

Product Code: 08/0310-h

For pressure testing drains or trapping debris, these efficient drain stoppers are a must. It is a regulation that all underground pipe work is required to be leak tested prior to infill.

Size 600mm (24in)
Product Comparison
Product Name Number of rods Product Model Size Price
Drain Rod Set 10 DRS N/A

Drain Air Bag 100mm (4in) N/A 1011220001 100mm (4in)

Drain Air Bag 230mm (9in) N/A N/A 230mm (9in)

Drain Air Bag Inflator / Pump N/A 1030005911 N/A

Drain Stopper 150mm (6in) & Below N/A 1030005952 150mm (6in)

Drain Stopper 230mm (9in) N/A 1030005954 230mm (9in)

Drain Stopper 300mm (12in) N/A 1030005957 300mm (12in)

Drain Stopper 450mm (18in) N/A 1030005961 450mm (18in)

Drain Stopper 600mm (24in) N/A N/A 600mm (24in)

Drain Stopper 900mm (36in) N/A N/A N/A

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