Drain Rod Set

Drain Rod Set

Product Code: 08/0330-h

For everyday cleaning and unblocking of relatively straight standard sized drainpipes. The set comprises of 10 x 1m rod sections and 100mm, 150mm or 230mm fittings. The rods have brass universal joints and a tough carry-case for storage, transportation & protection. Attachments available: - plunger, double worm-screw & scraper.

Number of rods 10
Product Model DRS
Product Comparison
Product Name Number of rods Product Model Size Price
Drain Rod Set 10 DRS N/A

Drain Air Bag 100mm (4in) N/A 1011220001 100mm (4in)

Drain Air Bag 230mm (9in) N/A N/A 230mm (9in)

Drain Air Bag Inflator / Pump N/A 1030005911 N/A

Drain Stopper 150mm (6in) & Below N/A 1030005952 150mm (6in)

Drain Stopper 230mm (9in) N/A 1030005954 230mm (9in)

Drain Stopper 300mm (12in) N/A 1030005957 300mm (12in)

Drain Stopper 450mm (18in) N/A 1030005961 450mm (18in)

Drain Stopper 600mm (24in) N/A N/A 600mm (24in)

Drain Stopper 900mm (36in) N/A N/A N/A

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