Fence Panel Round Top Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m

Fence Panel Round Top Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m

Product Code: 08/0455-h

Round top anti-climb fencing panels including rubber block and double coupler per panel. The clever design utilizes a continuous length of tube to form three sides, eliminating the top corner weld, often the weakest point in traditional panel design.

Features and Benefits
  • Lower corner welds are re-enforced for added strength and protection against weld failure. Heavy Duty (38.1mm) tubes are welded using acclaimed smartweld technology, improving weld strength by up to 70% when compared to standard welds. Anti-climb mesh ensure compliance with HSG151 recommendations.
Weight 17kg
Height 2m
Length 3.5m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Length Price
Fence Panel Standard Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m 25kg 2.05m 3.45m

Fence Panel Round Top Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m 17kg 2m 3.5m

Pedestrian Gate For 1.1m Fence 11.3kg N/A N/A

Vehicle Gate 4.2m - Fencing 30.5kg 2m 4.2m

Digi Lock Gate 20kg 2m 1m

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