Vehicle Gate 4.2m - Fencing

Vehicle Gate 4.2m - Fencing

Product Code: 08/0565-h

Enhances security. Provides privacy as well as the security of standard temporary fence panels.

Weight 30.5kg
Model 71047
Height 2m
Length 4.2m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Length Price
Fence Panel Standard Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m 25kg 2.05m 3.45m

Fence Panel Round Top Anti-Climb 3.5m x 2m 17kg 2m 3.5m

Pedestrian Gate For 1.1m Fence 11.3kg N/A N/A

Vehicle Gate 4.2m - Fencing 30.5kg 2m 4.2m

Digi Lock Gate 20kg 2m 1m

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