Trench Strut No.1 (0.47 - 0.69m)

Trench Strut No.1 (0.47 - 0.69m)

Product Code: 08/1120-h

Steel, adjustable length prop with clawed ends to form trench lining and clawed end plates to grip the trench sheeting.

Features and Benefits
  • Clawed end plates to grip the trench sheeting.
Height 0.47m - 0.69m
Product Model 65001
Safe Working Load 1.9t
Weight 7.25kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Height Product Model Safe Working Load Weight Price
Trench Strut No.0 (0.32 - 0.47m) 0.32m - 0.47m 65000 3t 4kg

Trench Strut No.1 (0.47 - 0.69m) 0.47m - 0.69m 65001 1.9t 7.25kg

Trench Strut No.2 (0.69 - 1.09m) 0.69m - 1.09m 65002 3t 7.7kg

Trench Strut No.3 (1.03 - 1.73m) 1.03m - 1.73m 65003 3t 11kg

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