Rubbish Chute - 1.2m

Rubbish Chute - 1.2m

Product Code: 08/1680-h

Used to safely dispose of rubbish from high levels and is quick and easy to assemble from sections.

Diameter Top 500mm / Base 400mm
Height 1.1m
Product Model 45321
Weight 9kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Diameter Height Product Model Weight Price
Rubbish Chute - 1.2m Top 500mm / Base 400mm 1.1m 45321 9kg

Rubbish Chute Hopper / Funnel Unit Top 500mm / Base 400mm 1.1m 45322 8kg

Rubbish Chute Window / Side Entry Top 650mm / Base 400mm 1.1m 45323 8kg

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