Mole 55mm

Mole 55mm

Product Code: 08/2501-h

Grundomat Moles are soil displacement hammers, capable of boring holes through any soil type for the installation of underground services. A powerful reciprocating action head ensures any obstructions are fully displaced. Grundomat Moles work for distances of up to 50m, with a propulsion rate of 10m/hr. Units are supplied with non-conductive hose, oiler, scope and staff.

Features and Benefits
  • Higher installation speed due to new chisel head system; less machine weight & more piston weight; low air absorbsion; no starting problems/shock effect due to kinking hoses
Air Consumption 21cfm
CFM 21
Diameter 49mm
Length 1.11m
Product Model 55mm Mole
Weight 14.4kg
Product Comparison
Product Name Air Consumption CFM Diameter Length Product Model Weight Price
Mole 45mm 16cfm 16 40.5mm 920mm 45mm Mole 9kg

Mole 55mm 21cfm 21 49mm 1.11m 55mm Mole 14.4kg

Mole - 75mm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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