Combination Ladders - 3m

Combination Ladders - 3m

Product Code: 09/0007-h

The ultimate combination of strength and versatility. Provides three working configurations, double sided step ladder, extension ladder and extended step ladder. Combination ladders can also be used as a stairway ladder as well.

Intelligent safety

Weight 23.3kg
Safe Working Load 150kg
Model 40229
Width 0.9m
Closed Height 3m
Rungs 3 x 10
Extended Height 2 part: 4.95m / 3 part: 6.9m
Maximum Standing Height 4.4m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Width Closed Height Rungs Extended Height Maximum Standing Height Price
Combination Ladders - 2m 14.4kg 150kg 0.76m 1.86m 3 x 6 2 part: 2.8m / 3 part: 4.1m 2.9m

Combination Ladder - 2.5m 20.3kg 150kg 0.9m 2.69m 3 x 8 2 part: 4.15m / 3 part: 6.1m 3.9m

Combination Ladders - 3m 23.3kg 150kg 0.9m 3m 3 x 10 2 part: 4.95m / 3 part: 6.9m 4.4m

Combination Ladders - 3.5m 25.2kg 150kg 1.2m 3.54m N/A 2 part: 5.55m / 3 part: 8.4m N/A

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