Combination Ladders - 3.5m

Combination Ladders - 3.5m

Product Code: 09/0009-h

The ultimate combination of strength and versatility. Provides three working configurations, double sided step ladder, extension ladder and extended step ladder. Combination ladders can also be used as a stairway ladder as well.

Intelligent safety

Closed Height 3.54m
Extended Height 2 part: 5.55m / 3 part: 8.4m
Product Model LCL12
Safe Working Load 150kg
Weight 25.2kg
Width 1.2m
Product Comparison
Product Name Closed Height Extended Height Maximum Standing Height Product Model Rungs Safe Working Load Weight Width Price
Combination Ladders - 2m 1.86m 2 part: 2.8m / 3 part: 4.1m 2.9m LCL6 3 x 6 150kg 14.4kg 0.76m

Combination Ladder - 2.5m 2.69m 2 part: 4.15m / 3 part: 6.1m 3.9m LCL9 3 x 8 150kg 20.3kg 0.9m

Combination Ladders - 3m 3m 2 part: 4.95m / 3 part: 6.9m 4.4m 40229 3 x 10 150kg 23.3kg 0.9m

Combination Ladders - 3.5m 3.54m 2 part: 5.55m / 3 part: 8.4m N/A LCL12 N/A 150kg 25.2kg 1.2m

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