Lyte Ladder 3.57m Multipurpose Ladder 30.5Kg
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Lyte Ladder 3.57m Multipurpose Ladder 30.5Kg

Product Code: 09/0009-h

This combination ladder turns the three-part ladder into a two-part extension ladder, a simple lean-to ladder or even a free-standing double-sided ladder.

Intelligent safety

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Features and Benefits
  • Sturdy guide parts with plastic gliders
  • Fitted with locking device to use during transport
  • Square, sturdy grip rungs
  • Feet on ladder and balance pedal designed for maximum contact with surface
  • Balance pedal bar fitted with manual locking pedal
  • Two highly tear resistant tension straps
  • Locking via balance pedal
  • ITS/GS + BGV D 36 safety tested
  • VDL safety tested
Certification Type EN131
Height [Closed]: mm 3,570
No. of Rungs 12
No. of Sections 3
Open Height: mm Stepladder: 5,550 Ext Ladder: 8,400
Product Brand Lyte Ladders
Product Model 9312-501
Safe Working Height: mm 9,250
Safe Working Load: Kg 150
Weight: kg 30.5
Product Comparison
Product Name A' Frame Height: mm Certification Type Height [Extended]: m Length [Closed]: m Length [Extended]: m Material No. of Rungs No. of Sections Product Brand Product Model Weight: kg Height [Closed]: mm Open Height: mm Safe Working Height: mm Safe Working Load: Kg Price
Lyte Ladder NCL7 6 Rung 2m Combination Ladder 10.55Kg 3360 EN131 2.95 1.99 4.23 Aluminium 6 3 Lyte Ladders NCL7 10.55 N/A N/A N/A N/A

£32.50 / week

Lyte Ladder NCL9 2.5m Multi-Purpose Ladder 15.1Kg N/A EN131 4.0 2.56 5.92 Aluminium 9 3 N/A NCL9 15.1 N/A N/A N/A N/A

£40.00 / week

Lyte Ladder NCL10 10 Rung 3m Combination Ladder 15.5Kg N/A EN131 4.25 2.84 6.48 Aluminium 10 3 Lyte Ladders NCL10 15.5 N/A N/A N/A N/A

£37.50 / week

Lyte Ladder 3.57m Multipurpose Ladder 30.5Kg N/A EN131 N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 3 Lyte Ladders 9312-501 30.5 3,570 Stepladder: 5,550 Ext Ladder: 8,400 9,250 150

£42.50 / week

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