Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T9.3m

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T9.3m

Product Code: 09/0130-h

This range of ladders is designed with the needs of the light building industry sector in mind. Also highly recommended for the heavy DIY user. Three section push up general duty GT335 ladders. Certified to BS2037 Class 1 1994. Now fitted with the new comfortable D-shaped rung and solid moulded rubber feet at both ends. A cost effective alternative to the heavy duty range, these ladders are easy to handle yet incredibly rigid in relation to weight.

Features and Benefits
  • Lyte gt335 3 section aluminium extension ladders, 3.43m - 8.96m.
Weight 33.6kg
Working Height 9.3m
Model GT335
Closed Height 3.43m
Rungs 13
Extended Height 8.96m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Safe Working Load Working Height Closed Height Extended Height Rungs Safe Working Height Class Price
Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D6.6m (D12) 15kg 175kg 6.6m 3.43m 6.2m N/A N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - D8.8m (D16) 25.9kg N/A 8.8m 4.43m 8.2m 17 N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T7.9m 27.7kg 130kg N/A 2.93m 7.46m N/A 7.71m BS 2037 Class 1

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T9.3m 33.6kg N/A 9.3m 3.43m 8.96m 13 N/A N/A

Heavy Duty Extension Ladder - T10.7m 42.2kg N/A 10.7m 3.93m 10.46m 15 N/A N/A

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