Pole Ladder 5m (19 Rungs)

Pole Ladder 5m (19 Rungs)

Product Code: 09/0300-h

The scaffolders' favourite, giving easy access to various levels on tube and fitting assemblies.

Features and Benefits
  • Our range of timber pole ladders feature a tie rod under every rung rather than every 3rd rung.
Length 5m
Rungs 19
Product Comparison
Product Name Length Product Model Rungs Safe Working Load Weight Safe Working Height Price
Pole Ladder 3m (11 Rungs) 3m 308047 11 1 person 20kg N/A

Pole Ladder 4m (15 Rungs) 4m TPL04 15 N/A 16.5kg N/A

Pole Ladder 5m (19 Rungs) 5m N/A 19 N/A N/A N/A

Pole Ladder - 6m (23 Rungs) 6m 59023 23 175kg 22kg 4.5m

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