Slimline Steps - Alloy - 12 Tread

Slimline Steps - Alloy - 12 Tread

Product Code: 09/1379-h

12 tread mobile master step.

Features and Benefits
  • Easily transported: spring loaded castors and two side locking arms. Large work platform with aluminium checker plate surface (400 mm x 400 mm). 80 mm deep treads with integrated plastic inserts offer maximum anti-slip protection. Extra wide base provides for additional stability. Practical aluminium storage tray for small items and tools. With two handrails as standard for safe access. Optimum stability thanks to two high-strength perlon straps for preventing splay. High-strength connection between tread and stile. Extra high knee-rail (82 cm above platform).
Class EN 131 150 Kilo rating
Closed Height 4.39m
Open Footprint 0.86 x 2.48m
Open Height 4.16m
Platform Height 3.11m
Platform Length 0.4m
Product Model 341635
Safe Working Load 150kg
Treads 12
Weight 23kg
Width 0.86m
Working Height 5.11m
Product Comparison
Product Name Class Closed Height Open Footprint Open Height Platform Height Platform Length Product Model Safe Working Load Treads Weight Width Working Height Price
Slimline Steps - Alloy - 1.41m 6 Tread EN 131 150 Kilo rating 2.71m 0.68 x 1.42m 2.49m 1.58m 0.4m 340477 150kg 6 11.4kg 0.68m 3.58m

Slimline Steps - Alloy - 8 Tread EN 131 150 Kilo rating 3.27m 0.74 x 1.77m 3.05m 2.07m 0.4m 340478 150kg 8 13.6kg 0.74m 4.07m

Slimline Steps - Alloy - 10 Tread EN 131 150 Kilo rating 3.83m 0.80 x 2.13m 3.61m 2.59m 0.4m 340479 150kg 10 15.9kg 0.8m 4.59m

Slimline Steps - Alloy - 12 Tread EN 131 150 Kilo rating 4.39m 0.86 x 2.48m 4.16m 3.11m 0.4m 341635 150kg 12 23kg 0.86m 5.11m

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