G Clamp Up To 200mm (8in)

G Clamp Up To 200mm (8in)

Product Code: 12/0020-h

A full range of g clamps to help with cutting, fitting, fixing and gluing.

Jaw Width up to 200mm
Product Model T120/8
Product Comparison
Product Name Jaw Width Product Model Price
G Clamp Up To 100mm (4in) up to 100mm T120/4

G Clamp Up To 200mm (8in) up to 200mm T120/8

G Clamp Up To 300mm (12in) up to 300mm T120/12

Sash Clamp 600mm (24in) 300mm - 600mm T135/2

Sash Clamp 900mm (36in) 600mm - 900mm T135/4

Sash Clamp 1200mm (48in) 900mm - 1200mm T135/6

Sash Clamp 1500mm (60in) 1200mm - 1500mm T135/9

Floorboard Cramp TMFC153

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