REMS HD Wallchaser

REMS HD Wallchaser

Product Code: 13/0072-H

Groove cutting for cables and conduit pipes in masonry and concrete. Features SJS gearbox for overload protection.

Weight 5.8kg
Model 312265
Decibel Reading dB[A] 105
Cutting Depth 38mm
Power Input 1850w
Voltage 110v
Cutting Width 43mm
Portable Transformer 3kw
Blade Diameter 125mm
Vibration Reading m\s2 4.5
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Decibel Reading dB[A] Cutting Depth Power Input No Load Speed Voltage Cutting Width Blade Diameter Vibration Reading m\s2 Portable Transformer Price
Milwaukee WCE30 Diamond Wall Chaser 125mm 4.3kg 97 30mm 1500w 9500rpm 110v 15-26mm 125mm 7 N/A

REMS HD Wallchaser 5.8kg 105 38mm 1850w N/A 110v 43mm 125mm 4.5 3kw

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