Dust Removal System

Dust Removal System

Product Code: 13/0137-h

Complete system for drilling, chiseling and coring – 99% dust free. The Dust Removal Systems (DRS) help customers to keep dust to a minimum using suction to remove dust at source, in virtually every conceivable job on the construction site such as grinding, chasing, cutting, breaking etc. The new DRS-Y is a new complete dust removal system for all Y-Combi’s TE-50 –TE80 covering all relevant applications.

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Features and Benefits
  • Reduction in inhalable and respirable dust intake by the user up to 99%
  • By attaching the DRS accessory directly onto the head of the tool, the dust is extracted at the very source of production
  • The flexible elements of the TE DRS-Y act as dampers resulting in lower vibration in the tool body and the side handle

Downloadable Resources

Chiseling Inhalable Dust with DRS 1.5mg/3m
Chiseling Inhalable Dust without DRS 70.8mg/3m
Coring Inhalable Dust with DRS 1.1mg/3m
Coring Inhalable Dust without DRS 113mg/3m
Dimensions 235x96x290mm
Drilling Inhalable Dust with DRS 0.5mg/3m
Drilling Inhalable Dust without DRS 44.8mg/3m

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