Smart DF Dust Suppression Unit

Smart DF Dust Suppression Unit

Product Code: 13/0165-h

The Smart Dust Fighter uses nebulised water vapour to suppress airborne dust and odours. This prevents puddles whilst at the same time using significantly less water than hosing, minimising the risks of slips on site. Once engaged, the nebulised water grabs on to the dust particles pulling them to the ground. The fine mist spreads over a larger area than that of existing methods of dust suppression and can cover up to 13m².

Intelligent safety Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • 5.8l/min (348l/hour max
  • Water mist at up to 300 microns
  • Cover up to 13m2

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Water Efficient
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Model Smart DF 2.2
Width 785mm
Power 2.2kw
Voltage: V 110v or 240v
Weight Unladen 79kg
Motor 2.2kw electric motor
Hose Connectors Express type 1/2 “ quick connection
Water Consumption 1.0 bar - 5.4 L/min, 1.5 bar - 6.6 L/min, 2.0 bar - 7.5 L/min, 2.5 bar - 8.5 L/min
IP Ratings 67
Length 985mm
Hose Port Size 1/2 inch standard hose
Flow at open inlet 1 - 5 bar
Airflow 90m³/min
Coverage 13m (without wind)
Tilting Range 10° to 50°
GO Water Efficiency Yes

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