P2000i Portable Generator

P2000i Portable Generator

Product Code: 14/0107-h

When your target is to provide clean and stable power for sensitive electronics, the P Inverter series is a top performer. Easy to carry, fuel efficient and with low-noise levels, its ideal for applications requiring low noise and a high-quality stable voltage.

Intelligent safety

Features and Benefits
  • Ergonomic, light and compact design
  • Minimal consumption
  • Stabilises current
Resource Efficient
Products which are designed better and therefore use less material, or have a high % of recycled content, over and above what would generally be expected. This category would also cover end of life re-use.
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 59
Engine Capacity 79
Frequency 50Hz
Fuel Consumption 75% load [L per hr at 50Hz] 0.79 L/h
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.2ltr
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
Height 461mm
Length 498mm
Power Output 230v
Product Model P2000 i
Rating output kw 2
Running Time 5.3 hrs at 75% load
Weight 22kg
Width 289mm

Don't Forget:

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Don’t forget your fuel
Don’t forget your consumables
Always use the correct PPE