Cutting Station SS7

Cutting Station SS7

Product Code: 15/0259-h

The Cutting Station is a unique purpose-built work station for cutting lengths of metal, such a conduit, cable tray and pipe. Integral health and safety features include fire-rated sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution, and PVC screens to contain and protect from sparks. The chop saw is positioned on a rubber mat to reduce HAV, while the innovative design allows the chop saw to be positioned at a safe working height, minimising risk of accident or injury. The unit can be easily with a dust extraction, or an air filtration system to further enhance the health and safety features to protect the operative of the chop saw, as well as those working in the surroundings.

Innovation Intelligent safety Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • A multi-purpose unit, with a secure cabinet beneath the work workbench area
  • Recessed 110v power supply, internal sockets and light
  • Extending support arms with 4 configs
  • Heavy duty swivel wheels
  • Extendable back panel provides extra work space for mitre saws
  • Sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution
  • Rubber mat to reduc

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Waste Reduction
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Pollution Prevention
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Height 1.9m
Depth 0.75m
Width 1.39m
Weight Dry 175kg
GO Waste Reduction and End of Life Benefits Yes
GO Pollution Prevention and Control Yes

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