Floor Saw Petrol 450mm (18in)
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Floor Saw Petrol 450mm (18in)

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Product Code: 15/0290-h

Floor saws are designed for professional contractors requiring a portable, cost effective saw for large or small contracts. Heavy duty construction. Easy to operate. Built in water tank. Adjustable handles.

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Weight 99kg
Model FS400LV
Height 940mm
Width 590mm
Decibel Reading dB[A] 106
Cutting Depth 165mm
Bore Size 25mm
Motor Honda
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.1ltr
Starting Recoil
Application Cutting 30N Concrete
Power Output 8.2kW
Time to EAV 6hrs 23mins
Time to ELV + 24 hours
Time to Achieve Work Unit 1 minute 24 seconds
Units to EAV 274
Units to ELV 1029
HSE Points 4 per 15mins
Blade Diameter 450mm
Length 1.15m
RPM 3000
Vibration Reading m\s2 3
Power Supply Petrol
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Decibel Reading dB[A] Cutting Depth Bore Size Motor Fuel Tank Capacity Starting Power Output Blade Diameter Length RPM Fuel Vibration Reading m\s2 Power Supply Time to EAV Time to ELV Time to Achieve Work Unit Units to EAV Units to ELV HSE Points Application Tank Capacity Price
Floor Saw Light Duty Petrol 350mm (14in) 54kg 990mm 381mm 100 120mm 25.4mm Robin Subaru 3.1ltr Cord 3.5kW 350mm 915mm 3500 Petrol 3 Petrol N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Masonry Floor Saw Diesel 500mm (20in) 145kg N/A N/A 110 190mm 25mm Yanmar 4.7ltr Recoil 6.8kW 500mm N/A 3600 Diesel 4 Diesel 6hrs 23mins + 24 hours 50 seconds 461 1735 4 per 15mins N/A N/A

Floor Saw Petrol 450mm (18in) 99kg 940mm 590mm 106 165mm 25mm Honda 6.1ltr Recoil 8.2kW 450mm 1.15m 3000 N/A 3 Petrol 6hrs 23mins + 24 hours 1 minute 24 seconds 274 1029 4 per 15mins Cutting 30N Concrete N/A

£110.00 / week

Duo350x Twin Blade Floor saw 120kg 1019mm 618mm N/A 120mm 25.4mm Honda N/A N/A N/A 350mm 870mm N/A N/A 3.6 Petrol N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 25 ltr

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