Milwaukee M18 ONESX-502X Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee M18 ONESX-502X Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Product Code: 15/0476-h

Various blades available for cutting steel, timber and pruning. Low vibration. Gear protection system which protects the gear box in case of blade lock ups. Variable speed pre-selection. Keyless depth guide for optimised use of saw blades. REDLITHIUM-ION™ battery pack delivers up to 2x more run time, up to 20% more power, up to 2x more battery life and operates better down to -20°c than other lithium-ion technologies.

Cordless product Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Low vibration
  • 30 strokes per minute for extremely fast cutting

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Energy Efficient
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Resource Efficient
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Weight 3.5kg
Model M18 ONESX-502X (Cordless)
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 91.5
No Load Speed 0 - 3200
Voltage: V 18v
Stroke Length 28.6mm
Battery Type 5.0ah Li-Ion
Stroke per Minute 0 - 3000 spm
Vibration Reading: m\s² 18
GO Energy Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Yes
GO Resource Efficiency Yes
GO Energy Saving 33%
GO Carbon Saving 0.02
GO Cost Saving £0.01
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Decibel Reading: dB[A] No Load Speed Voltage: V Stroke Length Battery Type Stroke per Minute Vibration Reading: m\s² Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] Weight: Kg Sound Pressure Level: dB[A] Input Power: W Output Power: W Plug Type: AMP Stroke: SPM Price
Milwaukee M18 ONESX-502X Cordless Reciprocating Saw 3.5kg 91.5 0 - 3200 18v 28.6mm 5.0ah Li-Ion 0 - 3000 spm 18 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Milwaukee SSD1100X Reciprocating Saw 110V N/A N/A N/A 110 N/A N/A N/A 26 102 3.2 91 1100 550 16 2900

£30.00 / week

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