Junction / Splitter Box 4-Way 16A 110v 2.7Kg
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Junction / Splitter Box 4-Way 16A 110v 2.7Kg

Product Code: 16/0040-h

Splitter Boxes allow a single power source to be split and distributed through various outlets, made for site use.

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Features and Benefits
  • 4 x 16Amp outlets
  • Splits and distributes a single power source
  • For use on site
Cable Length: m 5
Depth: mm 270
Height: mm 245
IP Rating IP44
IP Rating [Plug] IP44
No. of Outlets: 4 x 16A
Plug Type: Amps 16
Voltage: V 110
Weight: kg 2.7
Width: mm 175
Product Comparison
Product Name Cable Length: m Depth: mm Height: mm IP Rating IP Rating [Plug] No. of Outlets: Plug Type: Amps Voltage: V Weight: kg Width: mm No. of Outlets Price
Junction / Splitter Box 4-Way 16A 110v 2.7Kg 5 270 245 IP44 IP44 4 x 16A 16 110 2.7 175 N/A

£15.00 / week

Junction Box 6 Way N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 110 N/A N/A 6

£21.12 / week

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