Portable Transformer 3kva
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Portable Transformer 3kva

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Product Code: 16/0080-h

Portable power tool transformer

Intelligent safety

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Features and Benefits
  • Number of sockets: 2x 16A - 110v. Power Indicators: 2x High Output Neon Lamps. Max Draw Per Socket 16A - 110v. Power Tool Rating 3.3kVA. Certification CE-ROHS Compliant IEC 61558-2-23-2000 IEC 742
Weight 18kg
Model T3KVA2X16
Height 285mm
KVA 3kva
Depth 280mm
Width 280mm
Closed Height 280mm
Power 110v
Voltage: V 110v
Running Time 5 MInutes intermittent at full capacity; 15 minutes full
Portable Transformer Yes
Cable Length 2m
Voltage In 240v
Voltage Out 110v
Continuous Power 1.65kva
No. of Outlet 2 x 110v 16a
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height KVA Depth Width Closed Height Power Voltage: V Running Time Portable Transformer Cable Length Voltage In Voltage Out Continuous Power No. of Outlet IP Ratings Price
Portable Transformer 3kva 18kg 285mm 3kva 280mm 280mm 280mm 110v 110v 5 MInutes intermittent at full capacity; 15 minutes full Yes 2m 240v 110v 1.65kva 2 x 110v 16a N/A

£12.50 / week

Portable Transformer 5kva 35kg 320mm 5kva 330mm 240mm 320mm 110v 2x16amp; 1x32amp 110v N/A Yes 2m N/A N/A 3kva 2 x 110v 16a / 1 x 110v 32a IP44

£25.00 / week

5kva Vented Transformer 32kg 380mm 5kva vented 350mm 310mm 380mm N/A 110v 5 MInutes intermittent at full capacity; 15 minutes full N/A 2m 240v 110v 3kva 1 x 110v 32a IP22

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