Manual Ratchet Diestock - 1/2 - 2in

Manual Ratchet Diestock - 1/2 - 2in

Product Code: 17/0310-h

Ideal for pipework that is already in position. Suitable for 1/2 - 2bsp gas, water or steam pipes. Can be used in conjunction with pipe vice and stand.

Features and Benefits
  • Pipe threads 16 - 50 mm (1/8 - 2in). Bolt threads 6 - 30mm (1/4 - 1in). Excellent start-cutting and threading. Steel ratchet lever, thickly plastic coated. Only one type of quick-change die heads. Indestructible quality dies.
Portable Transformer 3.3kw
Product Model 520017
Size 1/2 - 2in
Threading capacity 3 - 50mm
Weight 8kg

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