Wacker Neuson BS50-2 165mm Trench Rammer 2-Stroke 56kg
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Wacker Neuson BS50-2 165mm Trench Rammer 2-Stroke 56kg

Product Code: 18/0165-h

Trench Rammers are suitable for a variety of different applications. Such as reinstating asphalt and compacting construction materials and soil. Features low Hand-Arm Vibration levels enabling prolonged usage.

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Features and Benefits
  • Meets all EPA and European air emission standards
  • Purge bulb evacuates air from the fuel line for easy starting
  • Fuel valve and kill switch are integrated into the throttle lever to reduce complexity of operation
  • Exclusive carburettor compensates fuel/air mixture for optimum performance and extended air filter life
  • Three-stage air filtration system provides a virtually dust-free engine for longer life and improved durability
  • A filter minder tells the operator when the air filter needs to be changed
  • Auto release choke provides industry leading safety and ease of starting
  • Guide handle's engineered shock-mount system reduces HAV
  • Cast aluminium recoil start with oversized durable rope extends life in harsh environments
  • Integrated muffler wraps around the engine allowing for closer compaction to structures and protects the muffler
Centrifugal Force: kN 16
Engine Wacker Neuson: WM80
Engine Displacement: cm³ 80
Engine Power: kW 1.7
Fuel Tank Capacity: Ltrs 2.9
Fuel Type 2-Stroke
Height: mm 940
Length: mm 673
Max. Impact Rate: BPM 687
Max. Travel Speed: m\min 7.9
Plate Length: mm 340
Plate Width: mm 165
Product Brand Wacker Neuson
Product Model BS50-2
Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] 108
Sound Pressure Level: dB[A] 92
Starting System Recoil
Stroke Length: mm 43
Vibration Reading [HAVs]: m\s² 6.5
Weight: kg 56
Width: mm 343
Product Comparison
Product Name Amplitude: mm Centrifugal Force: kN Engine Engine Power: kW Fuel Tank Capacity: Ltrs Fuel Type Height: mm Length: mm Max. Impact Rate: BPM Plate Length: mm Plate Width: mm Product Brand Product Model Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] Starting System Stroke Length: mm Vibration Reading [HAVs]: m\s² Weight: kg Width: mm Engine Displacement: cm³ Max. Travel Speed: m\min Sound Pressure Level: dB[A] Price
Altrad Belle RTX60 230mm Trench Rammer Petrol 60Kg 52 13.6 Honda GX100 2.3 2.5 Petrol 975 705 660 335 230 Altrad Belle RTX60 (230) 108 Recoil 52 7.25 65 345 N/A N/A N/A

£60.00 / week

Wacker Neuson BS50-2 165mm Trench Rammer 2-Stroke 56kg N/A 16 Wacker Neuson: WM80 1.7 2.9 2-Stroke 940 673 687 340 165 Wacker Neuson BS50-2 108 Recoil 43 6.5 56 343 80 7.9 92

£60.00 / week

Wacker Neuson BS60-2 280mm Trench Rammer 2-Stroke 66kg N/A 18 Wacker Neuson: WM80 1.8 2.9 2-Stroke 965 673 687 340 280 Wacker Neuson BS 60-2 108 Recoil 80 7.6 66 N/A 80 9.8 92

£60.00 / week

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