Concrete Curing Tank 110/240v

Concrete Curing Tank 110/240v

Product Code: 18/0350-h

Complete with heater, temperature controller, wire rack and mains tail lead and plug.

Depth: mm 990
Length: mm 686
Width: mm 635
Product Comparison
Product Name Depth: mm Length: mm Width: mm Height: mm Diameter: mm Price
Concrete Curing Tank 110/240v 990 686 635 N/A N/A

Test Cube Mould 4-Part 100mm 100 N/A 100 100 N/A

Test Cube Mould 4-Part 150mm 150 N/A 150 150 N/A

Slump Cone and Bar N/A N/A N/A 300 200 - 100

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