SPE BC446 Commercial Trowel Petrol 109Kg

SPE BC446 Commercial Trowel Petrol 109Kg

Product Code: 18/0385-h

The BC446 Walk Behind Power Trowel is the standard trowel that is perfect for any concrete finisher. This trowel features Bartell’s legendary balance and quality that has been the staple of a Bartell trowel for decades.

Features and Benefits
  • Precision balanced for smooth, easy operation
  • Robust gearbox with high tensile steel shafting for long life
  • Cast iron spider assembly and precision ground arms for tight tolerances and faster trowelling
  • Includes combination blades
  • Optional hoist hook
  • Chrome plated handle for easy clean-up
  • Centrifugal safety switch
  • Throttle control
  • Optional low emissions muffler
Combo Blade Size: mm 200 x 460
Finish Blade Size: mm 150 x 460
Float Blade Size: mm 250 x 460
Float Pan: mm 980
Fuel Type Petrol
No. of Blades 4
Product Brand SPE International
Product Model BC446
Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] 97-103
Sound Pressure Level: dB[A] 82-86
Vibration Reading: m\s² 7
Weight: kg 109
Product Comparison
Product Name Engine Power: kW Fuel Type Height: mm Length: mm Product Brand Product Model Trowelling Diameter: mm Trowelling Speed: RPM Vibration Reading: m\s² Weight: kg Width: mm Combo Blade Size: mm Finish Blade Size: mm Float Blade Size: mm Float Pan: mm No. of Blades Sound Power Level: Lw dB[A] Sound Pressure Level: dB[A] Blade Speed: RPM Price
Altrad Belle Lightweight Pro 900M Power Float Petrol 79.5Kg 4 Petrol 781 1866 Altrad Belle PTLW911 925 65 - 131 1.1 - 1.5 79.5 992 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

£100.00 / week

SPE BC446 Commercial Trowel Petrol 109Kg N/A Petrol N/A N/A SPE International BC446 N/A N/A 7 109 N/A 200 x 460 150 x 460 250 x 460 980 4 97-103 82-86 N/A

SPE B424 Edging Trowel Petrol 57Kg N/A Petrol N/A N/A SPE International B424 N/A N/A 7 57 N/A 120 x 230 N/A N/A 610 N/A 103.2 89.1 70 - 125

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