Impact Wrench Air 3/4in Drive

Impact Wrench Air 3/4in Drive

Product Code: 19/0165-h

This powerful heavy-duty wrench is designed for daily use in garages and workshops.

Features and Benefits
  • Daily use in garages and workshops
Weight 5kg
Model CAT48
Decibel Reading dB[A] 98.3
Max Torque 500ft/lb
Drive Size 3/4in
Max Bolt Size mm 19
Air Consumption @ Max Output 6.2
Air Consumption 7.5cfm
Vibration Reading m\s2 4.6
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Decibel Reading dB[A] Max Torque Drive Size Max Bolt Size mm Air Consumption @ Max Output Air Consumption Vibration Reading m\s2 Price
Impact Wrench Air 1/2in Drive 2.7kg 90 280ft/lb 1/2in 10 - 13 6.2 4.2cfm 3.4

Impact Wrench Air 3/4in Drive 5kg 98.3 500ft/lb 3/4in 19 6.2 7.5cfm 4.6

Impact Wrench Air 1in Drive 5kg 110 1200ft/lb 1in 19 - 38 6.2 12cfm 4.3

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