Hand Held Scabbler - Air - Single Head

Hand Held Scabbler - Air - Single Head

Product Code: 19/0330-h

The ideal tool for small awkward areas when removing laitance or for concrete repair work. The tool incorporates a special shaped handle for operator comfort and is made to the high standards for reliable and durable performance as the larger tools in the range.

Air Consumption 5cfm
Application Scaling 40N Concrete
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 102
No of Heads 1
Product Model S1VR
Productivity 1.4 (m²/hr)
Time to Achieve Work Unit 3600secs (1hr)
Vibration Reading: m\s² 3.8
Weight 3.5kg
Width 22mm
Product Comparison
Product Name Air Consumption Application CFM Decibel Reading: dB[A] No of Heads Product Model Productivity Time to Achieve Work Unit Vibration Reading: m\s² Weight Width Power Input cfm Productivity mm Price
Hand Held Scabbler - Air - Single Head 5cfm Scaling 40N Concrete 5 102 1 S1VR 1.4 (m²/hr) 3600secs (1hr) 3.8 3.5kg 22mm N/A N/A

Hand Held Scabbler - Air - Triple Head 25cfm Scaling 40N Concrete 25 103 3 MS3VR 4 (m²/hr) 3600secs (1hr) 4.9 4.5kg 75mm N/A N/A

Pole Scabbler Air Low Vibration N/A Low Vibration 25 105 1 1UF-VRT 4 (m²/hr) 3600secs (1hr) 5 16.5kg 75mm N/A N/A

Floor Scabbler Air Triple Head 48ltr / sec Scaling 40N Concrete 100 107 3 U3VR 12 (m²hr) 3600secs (1hr) 3.58 57kg 143mm 100 N/A

Floor Scabbler Air Five Head 46ltr / sec Floor 150 107 5 U5-VR 25 (m²/hr) 3600secs (1hr) 4.5 111kg 560mm N/A N/A

Needle Gun Air 10cfm Scaling 10 102 N/A NG10 N/A 195 seconds 6.3 4.5kg 50mm N/A 300 x 300

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