Turbo Fan

Turbo Fan

Product Code: 20/0020-h

Fully portable and tilt adjustable high output indoor fans, made to withstand demanding applications. Modern compact design and protective grill ensures fans are ideal for high or low capacity cooling in warehouses, factories, gyms, offices and retail environments.web

Features and Benefits
  • Tilt adjustable, fully portable via sturdy wheeled frame, high capacity cooling.
Weight 110kg
Model 110v H-MAN110 240v H-MAN240
Height 1.37m
Depth 560mm
Width 1.27m
Flow Variable
Voltage: V 110v / 240v
Dimensions 1.37x1.27m
Motor 860w
Diameter 800mm
Max Output 18000m³/hr
Current 110v or 240v
Impeller Type 7 Blade
Cable Length 3m
Plug 16a - 13a
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Depth Width Flow Voltage: V Dimensions Motor Diameter Max Output Current Impeller Type Cable Length Plug Decibel Reading: dB[A] Output Input Air Displacement Price
Turbo Fan 110kg 1.37m 560mm 1.27m Variable 110v / 240v 1.37x1.27m 860w 800mm 18000m³/hr 110v or 240v 7 Blade 3m 16a - 13a N/A N/A N/A N/A

Warehouse Fan 85kg 1.17m 440mm 1.05m N/A 110v / 230v 1.17x1.05m N/A 900mm 37000m³/hr N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Crowd Cooler Fan 18kg 820mm 600mm 800mm Variable 110v / 240v 0.682x0.8m 780w 500mm 8000m³/hr 6.8a or 3.4a 7 Blade 3m 16a - 13a 69 1400 to 9100m³/hr 110v or 240v 5,000m/h

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