Air Conditioner - Medium

Air Conditioner - Medium

Product Code: 20/0032-h

High powered and super silent air conditioner ideal for cooling large rooms up to 350ft². Includes market leading features such as a powerful 2.4kw heater meaning it is suitable for all seasons.

Weight 40kg
Model Arctic 3.5kW 12,000BTU
Height 775mm
Depth 442mm
Width 375mm
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 63-65
Range 315ft²
Voltage: V 240v
Cooling Capacity up to 15000 BTU
Recommended Area Upto 60m
Rated Power 3.5kW
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Depth Width Decibel Reading: dB[A] Power Input Voltage: V Consumption Water Capacity Cooling Capacity Recommended Area Rated Power Range Rated Frequency Price
Air Conditioner - Small 27kg 780mm 340mm 394mm 63 50Hz single phase 240v 1kw / 4.6a 2.5ltr up to 10000 BTU Upto 24.2m 2.6kW N/A N/A

Air Conditioner - Medium 40kg 775mm 442mm 375mm 63-65 N/A 240v N/A N/A up to 15000 BTU Upto 60m 3.5kW 315ft² 50Hz

Air Conditioner - Large 65kg 1.22m 0.54m 0.58m 67-69 N/A 240v N/A N/A 17000 BTU Upto 60m N/A N/A N/A

Air Conditioner - Heavy Duty 90kg 1320mm 600mm 500mm 69 2600w 240v N/A N/A 25000 BTU Upto 60m 7.3kW 525ft² 50Hz

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