Air Conditioner - Heavy Duty

Air Conditioner - Heavy Duty

Product Code: 20/0034-h

Durable and highly versatile air conditioner ideal for studio, factory and industrial applications as well as ensuring heat sensitive equipment remains cool. Comes with 3m of cable for added versatility, the air conditioner is fully portable and manoeuvrable.

Weight 90kg
Model AIRREX HSC- 3500
Height 1320mm
Depth 600mm
Width 500mm
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 69
Range 525ft²
Power Input 2600w
Voltage: V 240v
Cooling Capacity 25000 BTU
Recommended Area Upto 60m
Rated Power 7.3kW
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Depth Width Decibel Reading: dB[A] Power Input Voltage: V Consumption Water Capacity Cooling Capacity Recommended Area Rated Power Range Rated Frequency Price
Air Conditioner - Small 27kg 780mm 340mm 394mm 63 50Hz single phase 240v 1kw / 4.6a 2.5ltr up to 10000 BTU Upto 24.2m 2.6kW N/A N/A

Air Conditioner - Medium 40kg 775mm 442mm 375mm 63-65 N/A 240v N/A N/A up to 15000 BTU Upto 60m 3.5kW 315ft² 50Hz

Air Conditioner - Large 65kg 1.22m 0.54m 0.58m 67-69 N/A 240v N/A N/A 17000 BTU Upto 60m N/A N/A N/A

Air Conditioner - Heavy Duty 90kg 1320mm 600mm 500mm 69 2600w 240v N/A N/A 25000 BTU Upto 60m 7.3kW 525ft² 50Hz

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