Evaporative Cooler - Large

Evaporative Cooler - Large

Product Code: 20/0039-h

Hugely powerful air conditioning system with the power to cool a 60m2 room. Ideal for shops, pubs, clubs, workshops and other large indoor areas, can also be used in multiples for larger applications.

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Features and Benefits
  • The Kenstar cyclone offers a sea breeze cooling effect the powerful fan covers a large area. Very easy placement as this type of unit does not require an exhaust hose. Allows the possibility of continuous water feed via a ballcock and valve system which can eliminate the need to fill the 40ltr tank manually. Supplied trolley for further ease of placement, very tough construction for longevity.
Weight 25kg
Model Kenstar Cyclone
Height 0.91m
Depth 0.54m
Width 0.64m
Voltage 240v
Water Capacity 45ltr
Water Consumption 10ltr/hr
Cooling Capacity Cooling Area = 60m2
Flow Rate 2700m3/hr
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