Warehouse Fan

Warehouse Fan

Product Code: 20/0041-h

The Bluemax 950 fan was developed as a large volume mobile air mover and is the largest free standing industrial fan on the market. It also doubles as an extractor fan for use in warehouses, factories, bakeries, mills and foundries. It gives out an impressive 20,000 CFM and is available as 110V or 20V.

Features and Benefits
  • Robust tubular stand with rubber wheels, heavy duty fan guards, built to take the tough knocks of the construction industry.
Weight 85kg
Model BLUEMAX 950
Height 1.17m
Depth 440mm
Width 1.05m
Voltage: V 110v / 230v
Dimensions 1.17x1.05m
Diameter 900mm
Max Output 37000m³/hr
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Depth Width Flow Voltage: V Dimensions Motor Diameter Max Output Current Impeller Type Cable Length Plug Decibel Reading: dB[A] Output Input Air Displacement Price
Turbo Fan 110kg 1.37m 560mm 1.27m Variable 110v / 240v 1.37x1.27m 860w 800mm 18000m³/hr 110v or 240v 7 Blade 3m 16a - 13a N/A N/A N/A N/A

Warehouse Fan 85kg 1.17m 440mm 1.05m N/A 110v / 230v 1.17x1.05m N/A 900mm 37000m³/hr N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Crowd Cooler Fan 18kg 820mm 600mm 800mm Variable 110v / 240v 0.682x0.8m 780w 500mm 8000m³/hr 6.8a or 3.4a 7 Blade 3m 16a - 13a 69 1400 to 9100m³/hr 110v or 240v 5,000m/h

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