18kw Heater

18kw Heater

Product Code: 20/0104-h

Heating and drying buildings can be both expensive and time consuming. An El-Björn model TF18EL is an effective solution and is quick and easy to install and operate. It has two fan speeds 2300/1700m³/h for optimum performance under most site applications. The machine can be set at 9-18kW and fans can be regulated to operate at both half and full speed. The TF18 is designed to cover an area of 350m² or 1225m³,at -13°C outside to 15-18°C inside, with normal insulated walls in the building with a typical ceiling height of around 3m. The temperature is controlled to operate at both min and max regulated settings and a simple design facilitates quick and easy filter replacement.

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Weight 72kg
Height 1260mm
Depth 660mm
Width 530mm
Decibel Reading dB[A] 65
Power Output 9-18kW
Current 32A
IP Ratings IP44
Air Displacement 2300/1700m3/h
Heating Power 18kW
Noise Level 65db(A)
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