Master BLP103DV Propane Forced Air Heater 110v 27.5Kg
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Master BLP103DV Propane Forced Air Heater 110v 27.5Kg

Product Code: 20/0190-h

Master gas heaters provide large volumes of instant heat and are a very cost effective, robust and efficient way of warming your required space. They are best suited for areas which are well ventilated such as construction sites, warehouses and factories.

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Features and Benefits
  • Manual ignition
  • Electrovalve
  • Safety gas valve with thermocouple
  • Gas regulator includes safety valve which stops gas flow in case of cracks in the gas tube
  • Regulator and hose included
  • Motor with thermal protection
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Adjustable heat
  • Easy maintenance
Air Displacement: m³\Hr 3260
Engine Power: kW 57 - 103
Fuel Consumption: Kg\Hr 6.66
Heat Output: BTU\Hr 194.500 - 351.700
Height: mm 624
Length: mm 895
Plug Type: Amps 16
Product Model BLP103
Rated Current: A 1.0
Voltage: V 240
Weight: kg 27.5
Width: mm 324
Product Comparison
Product Name Air Displacement: m³\Hr Heat Output: kW Height: mm Input Power: kW Length: mm Pressure: Ba Product Brand Product Model Rated Current: A Starting System Voltage: V Weight: kg Width: mm Engine Power: kW Fuel Consumption: Kg\Hr Heat Output: BTU\Hr Plug Type: Amps Price
Propane Forced Air Heater 181000BTU Max 1.450 53 444 0.11 605 0.75 - 1.5 Master BLP 53 DV 0.48 Manual 110 15 276 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Master BLP103DV Propane Forced Air Heater 110v 27.5Kg 3260 N/A 624 N/A 895 N/A N/A BLP103 1.0 N/A 240 27.5 324 57 - 103 6.66 194.500 - 351.700 16

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