CFM1000 Low Profile Air Mover

CFM1000 Low Profile Air Mover

Product Code: 21/0010-h

Low Profile Air Mover, with a low amp draw (0.54Amps) and multi position for air drying floors, walls etc. in domestic, office, retail, leisure, education, hotel and industrial type applications, all in a compact unit that fits anywhere.

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Features and Benefits
  • 4 –position versatility for focused airflow on walls, floors etc.
  • Low profile designed keep air focused on surfaces so dries faster
  • Ultra-low 0.54 amp operation saves power
  • Compact design small footprint and stackable for easy transportation
  • Light weight, only 7.5kg and highly durable
Weight 17kg
Model CFM1000
Height 540mm
Width 440mm
Decibel Reading dB[A] 76
Voltage 240v
Portable Transformer 3kw
Length 590mm
Flow Rate 3000m³/hr
Supply Voltage 230v
Operating Positions 4
Speeds Single
Max Actual Airflow 900m³/hour
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Decibel Reading dB[A] Voltage Portable Transformer Length Flow Rate Supply Voltage Operating Positions Speeds Max Actual Airflow Working Pressure Water Capacity Power Supply Price
CFM1000 Low Profile Air Mover 17kg 540mm 440mm 76 240v 3kw 590mm 3000m³/hr 230v 4 Single 900m³/hour N/A N/A N/A

Carpet Cleaner Light Duty 10.3kg 435mm 320mm 68 N/A 3kw 665mm 54l/s N/A N/A N/A N/A 2.5bar 10ltr 240v

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