Floor Sweeper Battery

Floor Sweeper Battery

Product Code: 21/0115-h

The battery powered push sweeper is convenient for indoor and outdoor use, featuring the additional benefits of an electrically powered main roller brush and side brush. The machine is also supplied with an integrated extraction system for dust free applications.

Intelligent safety

Weight 44kg
Model KM70/30 ADV
Capacity 20ltr
Height 1.15m
Width 710mm
Battery Voltage 12v
Filter 0.61m2
Working Width 480-700mm
Battery Life 2.5 hours
Length 1.24m
Area [plan and surface] 2800m2/h
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Capacity Height Width Working Width Length Area [plan and surface] Battery Voltage Filter Battery Life Price
Floor Sweeper Manual 20kg 20ltr 1.04m 810mm 480-700mm 1.3m 2800m2/h N/A N/A N/A

Floor Sweeper Battery 44kg 20ltr 1.15m 710mm 480-700mm 1.24m 2800m2/h 12v 0.61m2 2.5 hours

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