LED 6000 Four Head

LED 6000 Four Head

Product Code: 22/0064-h

The LED 6000 provides a more comfortable working environment, with a clean white light which creates less shadow. The solid state LED technology delivers 50,000 hours life expectancy increasing the reliability of the light on site. Compared to standard halogen it also delivers an increased light output with reduced power consumption, the reduced energy consumption means it can be run off a small generator which is also powering tools.

Features and Benefits
  • Low Energy, Robust design
Weight 35.28kg (including mast)
Model LED 6000 Four Head
Wattage 320w
Voltage: V 110v or 230v
Light Output Lumens 16,000
Mast Height 4.2m
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Wattage Voltage: V Light Output Lumens Length Mast Height Price
Ecostar Single Head 1.35kg 92mm 200mm 50W 110v or 230v 5,500 240mm 1.7m

Ecostar Pro Double Head 5.4kg (including tripod) N/A N/A 100w 110v or 230v 11,000 N/A 3.5m

LED 6000 Four Head 35.28kg (including mast) N/A N/A 320w 110v or 230v 16,000 N/A 4.2m

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