HiLight B5+ LED light tower

HiLight B5+ LED light tower

Product Code: 22/0088-h

The HiLight B5+ is suitable for a wide range of applications including music and sporting events, residential construction, road construction, temporary public lighting and oil and gas requirements.

Innovation Green Option

Features and Benefits
  • Safe mast - the hydraulic vertical mast is extremely stable and quick to operate, extending to a maximum height of 8m and rotating 340<special id="25"/>
  • Easy to transport - 22 units can be placed on a single truck due to the small footprint, reducing transport costs. Galvanised forklift pockets and a lifting beam facilitate easy on-site movement
  • Low running costs - Thanks to the time-saving remote start functionality that eliminates the need for personnel to be sent to the worksite
  • Low fuel consumption - Comapct 1500rpm engine. The large fuel tank ensures fuel autonomy of 260 hours
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Four high-luminosity LED floodlights

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Area Coverage_min Lux of 20 5000m²
Decibel Reading: dB[A] 88
Frequency 50hz
Fuel Tank Capacity 130ltr
IP Ratings 21
Light Power 230V
Mast Height 8m
Mast Rotation 340deg
Product Model HiLight B5+
Running Time 200hrs
Weight 980kg
Wind Speed 80 km/h

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