VB9+ LED Poly Shell Mobile LED Lighting Tower

VB9+ LED Poly Shell Mobile LED Lighting Tower

Product Code: 22/0089-h

Introducing the new poly LED hydraulic vertical 340° rotation mast lighting tower, exclusive to Speedy. Extending to a height of 8.5 metres, it provides an illuminated area of 4,100sqm. The VB9+ represents the state of the art in safety and reliability. All LED lamps are powered with 24 volts and the LED drivers are protected inside the body frame. With a corrosion-proof polythene shell it can withstand the toughest applications.


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Weight 785kg
Model VB9+ LED
Width 2.39m
Closed Height 2.58m
Decibel Reading dB[A] 90
Fuel Tank Capacity 160l
Running Time 266hr
Area Coverage_min Lux of 20 4,100m2
Fuel Consumption 0.6l
Lamp Type Watts 4x300W LED
Operating Temperature -30deg + 60deg
Power Output 5Kva
IP Ratings IP67
Length 3.2m
Fuel Diesel
Mast Height 8.5m
Rotation 340deg
Wind Speed 110Km/h
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