K45 360 Lighting Tower

K45 360 Lighting Tower

Product Code: 22/0095-h

The K45 is a flexible, afforable lighting solution for a multitude of industrial and construction applications where floodlighting is required. With a working height of 4.5M the K45 changes the rules of how you an effectively and efficiently depoly lighting around a worksite. The K45 is compact enough to fit multiple units in the back of a car or van, deploys at the push of a button and gives 83,000 lumens of instant flicker free light. The product is robustly designed to cope with harsh industrial applications, yet operator friendly and safe to operate. The K45 can be configured to give directional or 360 degree light.

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Features and Benefits
  • Compact enough to fit multiple units in the back of a car or van to transport and easy to store
  • Lightweight enough for one person to manoeuvre and set up
  • Robust enough to use in any industrial application
  • Interlocked safety and automatic mast lowering in high winds
  • Directional or 360 degree head deployment to cover all temporary industrial lighting requirement
  • Affordable with year round rental opportunity
Height Deployed: mm 4.5m
Operating Power Requirement 750w
Product Model K45 360
Size Stowed 1.48m x 0.4m x 0.4m
Supply Voltage 110V or 240v 50/60hz
Weight 85kg
Wind Rating 20m/s - 45mph

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