Light Balloon

Light Balloon

Product Code: 22/0108-h

The light balloon features a compact and flexible design that quickly provides light where you need it. Thanks to its simple construction, set up is quick and easy. The elliptical shape of the lamp shade with the powerful 1000 W metal halide lamp offers maximum brightness without glare. That makes it ideal for road work, special events, concrete pours and general jobsite illumination. The height of the light point above ground is over 5 meters.


Features and Benefits
  • Simple single step mechanical balloon set up increases uptime and eliminates noisy fans to inflate balloon. Shape is also maintained in windy conditions
  • Single 1000 Watt metal halide lamp is securely fastened in socket to prevent damage when transporting. Bulbs can be replaced without the use of tools

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Weight 25kg
Model Light Balloon LB110M
Decibel Reading: dB[A] -
Power 120v
Voltage: V 263V
Fuel Tank Capacity -
Diameter 1m
Running Time -
Area Coverage_min Lux of 20 315m²
Lamp Type Watts 1000w
Maximum Height 5.6m
Light Output Lumens 110,000 lumens
Mast Height 5.6m
Minimum Height 2.6m
Operating Temperature Range -25Cdeg to 40Cdeg

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